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I'm trying to get a hold of Dharma. Does anyone know how to reach her? She has long blonde hair and used to work at the Vogue. I met her at Treffen. I have a number I recd from Roxy for her but it is disconnected. If anyone knows how to get a hold of her, I'd really appreciate it!

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To answer those from my previous post. I don't agree with atheism and was just voicing my own personal opinion in my journal. I don't dislike atheists. My boyfriend is one and I love him dearly. When I find out someone is an atheist it just makes me sad. No offense to any of you wonderful people out there. When I hear someone is agnostic, it give me a bit of hope...but atheist and my heart just breaks a little. Obviously, not enough to make me not want to be friends with or love the person who is atheist. I respect the opinion of others but I don't have to agree with their opinion, just like people do not have to agree with mine. :)
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Janeane Garofalo last Sat night was a kick in the pants. However I was sad to find out that she is an atheist. She was still funny though! I missed Delerium unfortunately. For those of you that went, how was it?

I'm going to Goldfrapp tomorrow night with my man. Anyone else going?

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Is anyone going to RAW at Key Arena?

WWE Monday Night Raw
KeyArena, Seattle, WA
Mon, Oct 6, 2008 05:30 PM

I belive there are decent tix available in Sec 114 for $50 each. I'd like to go. Who's up for it?

P.S. I haven't been on LJ FOREVER because my work BLOCKED it. Funny thing though, I can post till the cows come home but cannot read my friends list. What the heck?? I wonder if I get a response to this post and it shows up in my MSN email if I can reply? Testing Testing 1 2 3.

Chris Rock!

Anyone planning to go to Chris Rock tonight or tomorrow?? I really really really want to go but tixs are only available for tonight on Paramount's website and they are $97 dollars and you have to purchase TWO tixs. I only need ONE of course. :( I'm up for going tomorrow night instead but will probably run into the same scenario. Anyone interested? JG
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My mom's death

My mom left this earth in the early hours of Friday, May 16th. She died suddenly of a major heart attack. I rushed from work Friday night but couldn't make it to the hospital on time before she died. Two days earlier she was at the hospital and had a test done where an abnormality showed up in her heart but instead of the surgeon admitting her or scheduling the angioplasty right away, he scheduled it a week later. So she died two days later. I will miss her terribly. She was the most beautiful person I know, the best mother anyone could ever ask for, giving, kind, loving and my best friend. Mama, I will miss you. My heart died with you that day. I love you and will miss you always.
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Off to Europe!!

Yay! I'm sooooo excited!! I'll be taking off from Seattle in five hours. Going to Berlin, Prague and finishing the trip at Treffen in Leipzig. Take care of Seattle while I'm gone.

P.S. My phone WILL be working but please do not call unless it is an emergency as Intl calls are expensive ya know?! :)


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